Bitters are botanical infusions (herbal supplements) that extract the vital flavor and medicinal properties of plants. Science is the foundation of our approach to create bitters that celebrate the world's diversity of plants, cultures and flavors. Each of our blends has a bitter note and so much more. 

 The human tongue has ~25 types of taste receptors that can detect over 550 known bitter-tasting compounds.       In addition the the basic tastes of bitter, sweet, sour, astringent, and umami, our sensory experience of flavor derives from complex aroma from thousands of secondary metabolite compounds. Many of these flavor compounds also have diverse health benefits that have been used for wellbeing.                                                Shoots & Roots Bitters seeks to capture this wide range of flavor compounds representing the world's biodiversity.  


Enhance your cocktails, sparkling water, and other beverages and food with a splash of Shoots & Roots Bitters for a remarkable taste of botanical diversity.

Sensory Journeys

Imagine a drink that transports you with its diverse flavors to the world’s most remote and spectacular places. Imagine a drink packed with the remarkable properties of plants.                                                                          This is the unique sensory experience we seek to bring you with Shoots & Roots Bitters.




Made in HarleM

New York