Taste Biodiversity

We have launched sales through our web store with an offering of 9 botanical blends:

Andean Amargo

Black Bear's Bitters                             

Chai Jolokia                    

Demon Flower               

Hanging Gardens of Babylon 

Ki Japanese Arboreal   

Mexican Molcajete             

Mount Apo                     

Summers in Bangkok

Limited batches of 60 bottles (2 fl. oz) per blend. 

Each 2 fl. oz bottle is $20 + $2.50 Shipping.

Expected Delivery of September 1st 

Made in Harlem, New York City

Enhance your cocktails, sparkling water, and food with a splash of Shoots & Roots Bitters for a remarkable taste of botanical diversity.

bitter |ˈbitər|

Bitters are botanical infusions (herbal supplements) that extract the vital sensory and medicinal properties of plants. Science is the foundation of our approach to create bitters that share a sensory journey like no other.

Sensory Journeys

Imagine a drink that transports you with its exciting flavors to the world’s most remote and spectacular places. Imagine a drink packed with the remarkable properties of plants. This is the unique sensory experience we seek to bring you with Shoots & Roots Bitters.