BON AppETIT WRITES "Want a Better Cocktail? Find a Botanist"

Shoots and Roots bitters taste like an airline ticket around the world—and back in time.

MAY 16, 2017

tales of the cocktail writes that s&r is "Perhaps the most intriguing addition to the rising bitters tide"


These Scientists Are Harnessing Botany for Better Bitters

By Zoë Leverant Aug. 31, 2015

Perhaps the most intriguing addition to the rising bitters tide comes from botanists Rachel Meyer, Ashley DuVal and Selena Ahmed. Their company, Shoots & Roots Bitters, offers nine blends using native plants from specific regions, delicately balanced tinctures equally suited to mixology and wellness. READ MORE



By     Rachel Nuwer  May 3, 2015
Each of their nine flavors of Shoots and Roots Bitters aims to capture the spirit of the place where their ingredients — more than 200 flowers, fruits, seeds, stems and leaves — grow....And just as the fictional White made the best meth in town, the botanists’ product, too, is arguably the most superior bitters around, easily outperforming the stuff cooked up by amateurs in its complexity and chemical harmony. READ MORE

S&R is featured in Vogue's "Harlem: The Fashion Friendly Guide

"Carole Sabas’s Fashion Insider’s Guides are style obsessives’ go-to travel resources (...). This time around, she’s focusing not on a city, but a neighborhood so steeped in sartorial and artistic legacy, it demands its own standalone volume: Harlem. " -

Cultivating Flora And Fauna: 3 Scientists Harvest Plants To Create Artisan Bitters

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Conservation Through Cocktails 

Are you ready for a jujube and hawthorn martini? A new company created by a group of ethnobotanists, including Ashley DuVal M.E.Sc. ’10, thinks so 

Read the Story "Conservation Through Cocktails" by Aaron Reuben on the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Website (7/1/14)


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"These Brand New Bitters Bring Biodiversity to Your Cocktail


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An Herbal Tour Of The World In 9 Tasty, Useful Plants


Shoots & Roots Bitters Named a "Harlem Food Trendsetter" by Chef Marcus Samuelsson 

Shinola + Paper Magazine + Harlem


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“A woman who takes her day job and translates it into a tasty side business”

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Press release on Partner Selena Ahmed’s NSF CNH Grant on Climate Effects on Tea Quality

“MSU professor wins grant to study how weather changes impact tea quality” Check out the press release at MSU News Service by Anne Cantrell


Partner Selena Ahmed was featured on as a WorldChanging Women

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